Welcome Back!

I hope everyone has had an amazing Christmas and you are all ready to explore and learn in our new topics. May i just take a moment to say thank you all very much for your kind cards and gifts before the half term!

This first week has went by so fast! We set off our new History Topic ‘Frontier: Edge of an Empire’ with a visit to Segedunum. We explored the remains of an excavated fort looking at the different buildings that used to be there and imagined what it would be like to be in those buildings. We climbed a replica of Hadrian’s Wall to see first hand just how big it was; this is something we will be looking deeper into during this topic. We also took part in a Roman Army workshop, learning about the training soldiers went through before joining and the body armour they used to wear. The children had a great time and gained so much from it!
Thank you again to our parent helpers – especially Mr Smith who volunteered to be a solider for the morning!

Have a great weekend.

Miss Bell 🙂



Merry Christmas!

Well, what a fun filled week we have had!

The children have had lots of fun making Christmas crafts in class and in their house groups. We celebrated our Christmas party day on Wednesday and the children looked amazing!!!

We’ve ended our week with our trip to Palace Green Library to close our History topic ‘Tribal Tales’. Well done everyone!

I have had a wonderful Autumn term with you all and I am very proud of the progress you have made!

I hope you enjoy the wonderful self portrait calendars and baubles made by the children. Have a safe, happy and wonderful Christmas with your families!

Miss Bell 🙂


Follow the Star

This week the children have been very busy!

We had our fantastic Follow the Star performance on Thursday which was amazing! Well done to all who attended and sang their hearts out on stage. I am very proud and I’m sure your parents will be too! I hope you’re all ready for another great performance on Monday morning.

We had our wonderful Christmas jumper day this week also. Thank you all for your kind donations for Save the Children.
Check out the video below to remind yourselves why this day is important.


The children ended our week comapring the three different ages, Stone, Bronze and Iron. We then had fun using clay to model some bronze or iron spears/arrow heads or making stone age style necklaces.

Have a great weekend 🙂

Miss Bell

Unidentified Object

On Friday evening, something crashed into our playground!
The children watched a BBC news report with interviews from different members of staff about what exactly happened. We are going to use this information to help us  create a newspaper report of our own. So, keep an eye out for our story in St Charles’ Gazette – coming soon!

We had an amazing science lesson investigating the strength of different types of magnets. We made paper clip chains and tested which magnet could hold the biggest chain.

Can anyone remember which magnet was the strongest?

The children have also been doing a fantastic job during rehearsals for ‘Follow the Star’, keep up the good work! 🙂


MAD Week

This week the children have been very busy developing their art skills. We began by focusing on the different techniques that could be created with oil pastels, watercolour paints and watercolour pencils. Before then, creating our own sunset pictures using one of the techniques we were most comfortable with. We moved  onto sketching and the children created some amazing sketches of ships using different shading techniques to enhance their work. We listened to the soundtrack from the Pirates of the Caribbean and created some soundscapes.
Can you remember what they are?

We then split into groups and created some mime drama scenes using this music, discussing the type of actions we could incorporate as the music gets louder. The children were very creative, we even had some walking the plank and being captured!

This week we have also been learning our songs for our Key Stage 2 Christmas performance. I am very proud of how quickly we have learnt our songs – even Mrs Higgins said we were the best this week! Lets keep up the good work!

And just a final, WELL DONE to all of Year 3 for their hard work this week!


Mysterious Message…

This week we have enjoyed investigating friction in  our ‘Forces and Magnets’ topic in Science. The children looked at which surfaces made the car move faster or slower.
Can you remember what type of surface causes the least friction?

We began our new RE topic with some wonderful spiritual art inspired by scripture from John 1:9-12. It was quite a messy afternoon but everyone had fun and the art work looks great!
In topic we looked in the Bronze Age and the changes from the Stone Age. the children then tried to recreate Stonehenge using different resources. We have ended our week beginning ‘Time’. The children enjoyed our introductory lesson in teams telling the time and drawing the correct time on analogue clocks.

This afternoon, Mrs Nealings delivered a special message (see at the end of our pictures below).
We discussed our jigsaw clue and the children came up with some ideas of what it could be:

  • Pirate Ship
  • Tall Ship
  • Picture of boats
  • Old boats
  • Nelson’s Ship – Victory

We will all have to wait until Monday morning to find out!

Have a great weekend, Miss Bell 🙂

Children in Need

We enjoyed a fun filled week last week!

We had our first lesson of Quicksticks and a visit from the school nurse. She spoke about relationships and our feelings. Last week we also were lucky enough to visit a local Synagogue in our final Judaism lesson. The children explored the different features within the synagogue and asked many questions about the faith and its community.

In Topic, we started by looking deeper into the Stone Age and how people lived. We read ‘Stone Age Boy’ and discussed the aspects of stone age life he encountered in the story. We then pretended we were in the Stone Age, deep in caves by hiding under our tables using oil pastels to create some cave paintings on tea stained paper.

Ending our week was our Anti-bullying and Children in Need non-uniform day.
We had a lovely afternoon together decorating biscuits and colouring in some wonderful Pudsey designs.
Well done to Daniel who won the Bake Off!

Roll on another fabulous week!