Welcome Back!

What a wonderful first week back!

We have enjoyed finally getting onto the computers and beginning our new topic in Microsoft Word! The children had a short introduction to Word with GEM Education using different fonts, colours and layouts.

We began our new Science topic ‘Forces and Magnets’ by firstly looking at ‘Pulls and Pushes’. The children enjoyed freeze framing in many different pull/push actions in their pairs. We were very lucky to have NUFC deliver a PE lesson for us as a treat for missing our PE lessons this week. The children worked well in their teams racing for the most items for extra points.

I need to say a massive ‘WELL DONE’ for the amazing behaviour, singing and wonderful smiles during our trip to church for St Charles’ Feast Day.
Can anyone remember a fun fact about St Charles’ to share with your family?

Finally, we have ended our week with an afternoon in our NEW house groups! Each House had an afternoon of different arts and crafts creating Poppies for Remembrance Day.
The children are all very eager to earn house Dojo’s in school to win!

Have an amazing weekend,

Miss Bell 🙂


Let the Year 3 journey begin…

Welcome to the new Year 3 class blog!


Every Friday as a class, we will post an update to share with you the exciting and fun activities we have taken part in that week.

Please make sure to visit and don’t forget to leave a comment.

Thank you,

Miss Bell 🙂