Rocks and Soils

This week the children have had a wonderful trip to the Life Centre.

We explored the planetarium during our visit and the children enjoyed watching the videos of the moon and sun. During our workshop, we looked at the different types of rocks and how they could be identified. We looked deeper into other ways to categorise them without just using their appearance, focusing on properties, smells etc. We then looked at the different effects water can have on rocks and soils. We investigated this with chalk to see how it would change before working with materials in test tubes. We shook the tubes to mix the materials and water and discussed the effects it had.

This week we were also lucky enough to have an author come to school and spend some time carrying out a workshop with us. We met Antony Wootten, who has wrote many books and we shared a writing and ‘day dreaming’ workshop with year 4 to learn how to plan and tell a story.

The children have also continued to work hard on their dance festival routine and I am very excited to see the dress rehearsal next week!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Bell 🙂


World Book Day

Since coming back after the half term the children have had a fabulous time.

We  introduced our new ‘Gods and Mortals’ topic which the children have been very excited about and even created some lovely things for display. Well done! We began by making our own art using straws and tissue paper to make temples and creating a timeline of Ancient Greece. 

Linked to this, we began our new English topic looking into legends. Next week the children will be planning and writing their own legends. We began our measurement topic and the children have been looking and cm, mm, m and converting between them to answer tricky problem solving questions.

We had a workshop with GEM to look at the new skills we will be learning this term using power point. The children are eager to get creative with their animations and transitions.

We had a fabulous day for World Book Day! Well done children and parents for the amazing effort made by all! It was a great day and the children created some wonderful art work to go alongside their poems.

Half Term!


Over the last two weeks in RE we have looked at other faiths and focused on Islam. We were lucky enough to have a visit from Mrs Khanum to help discuss the mosque and the features. We explored the different features within a mosque and what they are for. We then explored what happens inside a mosque and focused on the performing of Wudu.
Who can comment with an explanation of what this is?

In English this week we explored poetry. We read ‘The Sound Collector’ by Roger McGough. The poem is all about a stranger taking away all sounds. So we had our own lesson tasting different foods and thinking of ways to describe it to write our own taste collector poem. For example, ‘The juicy apple slice’, ‘The creamy chocolate brioche’. We then went on our own sound hunt around school to gather sounds to use in our own sound collector poem.

We ended our History topic by designing and making our own Roman shields. The children had a great time decorating with paint and worked well helping each other.

Well done to all the children who took part in the swimming gala trials today!
I hope you all have a wonderful half term.
Relax, play, sing, dance, shout and make sure you all have fun!!
Miss Bell 🙂

PS: If you want to make something for our new topic ‘Gods and Mortals’ a copy of the art examples from the letter have been posted below.




We’ve had a fantastic week!

The children have enjoyed our new English topic exploring persuasive letters. We have had our own debates in the class suing persuasive language ready to write letters of our own next week.
In Science we have set up flowers in water with food dye to investigate the movement of water in plants.  In Maths we have been exploring fractions. The children have enjoyed practical lessons to help them understand what  different fractions look like, both unit and non-unit (unit = 1). We have focused on what the Numerator and Denominator mean and next week will look into how we can use this to work out a fraction of an amount. On Friday, we had an exciting day. not only did we have the surprise of the snow we also began our Dance Festival routine. We are all very excited!

Please can I remind everyone that only fruit snacks are allowed in school for break times. Thank you.

Have a great weekend in the snow! Miss Bell 🙂

Half Way!

I cannot believe we are half way through our first term back already!

This week, we have focused on algorithms. Miss Bell made her own algorithm for the children to follow. Once the children had heard the instructions we compared my picture with the children’s versions. After comparing, we discussed the issues with the algorithm and how being very specific is key for a good end product. The children then drafted their own algorithms for their friends to follow to create a picture on the computer.

In PE we have been focused on serving. Learning different techniques of holding the racket to deliver the perfect serve. In French we have been learning classroom objects. Before we begin our writing, we recapped playing a game. The children had to pick objects out of the bag and recall the name in french. In our RE topic ‘Journeys’ we looked into the different journeys Christians take throughout their lives. We were lucky enough to plan and interview Mrs Haley about her trip to Lourdes.

Have a good weekend 🙂

Miss Bell



We have snow!

This week the children have continued Tinkering in Computing; exploring the different tools within Scratch to make algorithms for movement, sounds and colours.
Can you remember what an algorithm is?
Comment below with your answer for 2 Dojo’s!!

In PE have been walking we have been focusing on serving and hand-eye coordination. The children have been working hard and really enjoy  PE. In Science we set up our observation investigation. We planted seeds in different conditions to see which ones grow and will observe at different times in the week, taking notes to see if there is any progress.
We were all very surprised and delighted to finally have some snow!

The children have enjoyed making giant snow balls together. Make sure you have your hat, scarf and gloves ready for Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Bell 🙂

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone has had an amazing Christmas and you are all ready to explore and learn in our new topics. May i just take a moment to say thank you all very much for your kind cards and gifts before the half term!

This first week has went by so fast! We set off our new History Topic ‘Frontier: Edge of an Empire’ with a visit to Segedunum. We explored the remains of an excavated fort looking at the different buildings that used to be there and imagined what it would be like to be in those buildings. We climbed a replica of Hadrian’s Wall to see first hand just how big it was; this is something we will be looking deeper into during this topic. We also took part in a Roman Army workshop, learning about the training soldiers went through before joining and the body armour they used to wear. The children had a great time and gained so much from it!
Thank you again to our parent helpers – especially Mr Smith who volunteered to be a solider for the morning!

Have a great weekend.

Miss Bell 🙂