Rocks and Soils

This week the children have had a wonderful trip to the Life Centre.

We explored the planetarium during our visit and the children enjoyed watching the videos of the moon and sun. During our workshop, we looked at the different types of rocks and how they could be identified. We looked deeper into other ways to categorise them without just using their appearance, focusing on properties, smells etc. We then looked at the different effects water can have on rocks and soils. We investigated this with chalk to see how it would change before working with materials in test tubes. We shook the tubes to mix the materials and water and discussed the effects it had.

This week we were also lucky enough to have an author come to school and spend some time carrying out a workshop with us. We met Antony Wootten, who has wrote many books and we shared a writing and ‘day dreaming’ workshop with year 4 to learn how to plan and tell a story.

The children have also continued to work hard on their dance festival routine and I am very excited to see the dress rehearsal next week!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Bell 🙂

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