This week the children took a trip to the Quayside.

In our Geography topic we have been exploring the physical and human characteristics of our area.  We took this a step further by taking this trip to see the features first-hand. In preparation for our visit, the children worked in groups to create a short survey. The children used the survey to gather data from members of the public on their thoughts and opinions of the changes to the Quayside. The children were so polite and I received so many positive comments from the public so  well done Year 3! Whilst we were there, we visited the Baltic to use their viewing box, this gave us the perfect view of the whole Quayside to complete our sketch maps. We also took a look around on our walks to and from the metro at the different urban art. For example the sticker art at Gateshead college.

This week we have also focused on special places in RE. We looked not only at what special places we have, but what special places Christians have. We explored lots of different places that have a significant meaning to Christians and we created water coloured  pictures of these places for our display.

One week to go!

Keep up the hard work! 🙂

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