Mysterious Message…

This week we have enjoyed investigating friction inΒ  our ‘Forces and Magnets’ topic in Science. The children looked at which surfaces made the car move faster or slower.
Can you remember what type of surface causes the least friction?

We began our new RE topic with some wonderful spiritual art inspired by scripture from John 1:9-12. It was quite a messy afternoon but everyone had fun and the art work looks great!
In topic we looked in the Bronze Age and the changes from the Stone Age. the children then tried to recreate Stonehenge using different resources. We have ended our week beginning ‘Time’. The children enjoyed our introductory lesson in teams telling the time and drawing the correct time on analogue clocks.

This afternoon, Mrs Nealings delivered a special message (see at the end of our pictures below).
We discussed our jigsaw clue and the children came up with some ideas of what it could be:

  • Pirate Ship
  • Tall Ship
  • Picture of boats
  • Old boats
  • Nelson’s Ship – Victory

We will all have to wait until Monday morning to find out!

Have a great weekend, Miss Bell πŸ™‚


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